European snow vacation 2012 – Day 1

Most of our trips so far have been during summer. Most of the time to hike or bike. We even cheated mother nature during our 1 year trip to enjoy 3 summers in a row.

For this adventure, we chose the white season: Winter.

Our chosen destination for this winter vacation was familiar: Bavaria. We spent quit a bit of time here at the foot of the German alps in 2005.

We were so excited to know that we were going see our dear friends Christian, Petzi, Dani, Theresa, both of their new families and all of our Pfronten village posse.

We decided on this destination because we wanted to see our friends again and do some ski touring in the mountains. What could you asked more than having 2 dedicated guides that knows very well the alps in the Lechtal and Tannheimertal region of Austria.

On arrival in Pfronten we were stoked to see that there was tons of snow. Since we had the worst winter ever in the Easterntownship of Québec, we were quite relieved.

So much snow if fact that some of the mountain huts that are closed in winter we totally under the snow! Even covered in snow, the huts were still usefull as jumps for snowboarders and freeskiers.

It was very cold on our first ski trip, -25C in the morning but the weather was so nice and the sun so warm that it as very enjoyable. We started in the village on Grän, just passed the border into Austria.

We climb very gradually at the base of the mountain Aggenstein to reach the valley floor.

Once we reached the snow burried mountain huts we were at the base of a huge bowl of snow fields. Since Isa and me are beginners skiers, we soo stoked to be in this kind of environment.

We stopped for a quick tea to warm our bones.

After tea the climb was steeper. It was so excited to skins up those beautiful mountains with the sun shinning on our faces.

When we reached the ridge we had a incredible unsuspected surprise. A prime view of the Austria mountains. A second before we saw nothing than the snow if front of us

and then BAM the immensity of the alps. Breathtaking.

Traveling is so great because you learn so much about different cultures. Here when you reach the summit you shake hand and say Berg Heil. A toast the to summit.

We loved the climb but the hard part of us was starting. Going down. It was not very steep but for the beginners Telemarkers like us, it was impressive.

We did good. The snow was light and deep. It was perfect for turns. Once at the bottom we followed the valley down with the feeling of fresh powder on our minds.

After the tour, our friends Dani and Bernd wanted us to get a taste of Autrian Après Ski. We went to the closest ski resort to sample it. A nice wooden mountain chalet packed with happy and slightly drunk skiers dancing to a live band playing “love is in the air”. You had to be there.

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