FativAllezY-Maine Huts trip report

  The first time I heard about the concept of fat biking the Maine Huts and Trails system I was sold! What a great combinaison of everything I like in life: part adventure, part fun with the perfect  mix of biking, outdoor life, friends , good food [...]

Récit: Global Fat Bike Day

We probably need to thank an Alaskan for the early date of Global Fat Bike Day. Up there it might be safe to plan a snow related event in early December but in North East it’s quite a gamble. Even though we’ve been blessed so far this year [...]

Stud party ?!

Even if I had invited by best riding friends to my stud party, I am pretty sure most of them would have been too worried to come when in fact It has nothing to do with half naked man wearing leather chaps. It’s usually a day in November that you [...]

Changement de look pour

Un changement de version de serveur m’a “motivé” a mettre jour mon site Alors voici le nouveau avec une nouvelle page d’accueil, un nouveau logiciel de blogues et un nouveau look pour le forum. Le nouveau [...]

Pluie et bleuets

Nous avons profiter de la célébration d’un quarantième anniversaire d’une amie du Saguenay pour effectuer notre pèlerinage biennal au Saguenay et au Lac [...]

40 Topper

Je ne suis plutôt insensible à l’âge. Je porte fièrement une barbe de plus en plus blanche depuis longtemps et mes bons amis plus âgés que moi et très en forme me confirme que l’âge est un concept très subjectif. J’ai quand même profiter [...]

The frenzy of the Tour de Franzia

This is our second year in a row visiting our good friends in Lake Placid. Every visit is special, very special… because it’s a totally different beat that what we are accustom to but mostly because they are completely nuts! It was hard to get going [...]
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