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Nepal: Day 3-4, The Himalayas

After our warm up ride, we had one and half days of travel to do before reaching the major destination of our trip: the Annapurna massif. We left Kathmandu in our bus and experienced a bit more of what is like to drive around here. Even the major [...]

Nepal: Day 1-2, Getting a feel of Kathmandu

Nepal – Kathmandu Photos by David Lauzon and Taylor Phillips (Eco Tour Adventure) We usually do a mountain bike trip each spring but this year we had instead opted to focus our time (and especially money!) on an upcoming Sprinter van conversion [...]


Nous nous préparons pour notre voyage au Népal. Nos vélos de Rocky Mountain Bicycles et Pivot Cycles ( On The Edge Canada ) sont prêt! 2 semaines de vélo de montagne avec un groupe de 10 amis QC/US. Nous allons rouler dans la vallée de Katmandou, [...]

CircuitsF: Saison 2015

La saison 2015 s’annonce très excitante pour Circuits Frontières. En plus d’être le réseau de sentiers backcountry épic par excellence: Party méchoui de début de saison (23 Mai) Entretien lors de la journée Québeçoise des sentiers (6 [...]

FativAllezY-Maine Huts trip report

  The first time I heard about the concept of fat biking the Maine Huts and Trails system I was sold! What a great combinaison of everything I like in life: part adventure, part fun with the perfect  mix of biking, outdoor life, friends , good food [...]

Récit: Global Fat Bike Day

We probably need to thank an Alaskan for the early date of Global Fat Bike Day. Up there it might be safe to plan a snow related event in early December but in North East it’s quite a gamble. Even though we’ve been blessed so far this year [...]

Le Grand Fat Tour 2015 et Mountain Bike Vermont sont fiers d’annoncer le retour du Grand Fat Tour pour 2015. Nouveau site internet: Le Grand Fat Tour Notre collaboration a permis de mettre sur pied une série d’événements des deux côtés de la frontière soit [...]

Stud party ?!

Even if I had invited by best riding friends to my stud party, I am pretty sure most of them would have been too worried to come when in fact It has nothing to do with half naked man wearing leather chaps. It’s usually a day in November that you [...]
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